If the Lost Cave was a claustrophobic maze, then the Volcanic Cavern is a maze without walls. The cavern is a vast series of platforms, connected by crumbling walkways. The platforms are supported only by rock pillars, and it's not unusual for a walkway or entire platform to fall into the sea of magma below as they are approached. Reaching the exit in the Mountain Kingdom's last area, a hero gains access to the Dragon's Lair. Cunning heroes will take advantage of the gaps between platforms to eliminate enemy Generators and blow up barrels before actually stepping foot there. Keep any eye out for secret walls; striations in the wall pattern or an extra boulder often indicates a breakable wall (this is necessary for obtaining the Legendary Weapon here).


Gauntlet: Legends

The Scimitar of Rasha is hidden here, as well as a Runestone.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The Javelin of Blinding is hidden here. Heroes will encounter several new items here not yet in previous areas. A Golden Fang can be obtained by finding two secret switches hiding in walls, and getting this fang is essential for opening the path to the Javelin. An easy-to-find lever close by the exit will lower a platform to the Javelin. Beware the Gargoyle guarding the exit!


There is a randomizing ironbound chest early in the Volcanic Cavern. It rotates through Food, Bomb Potions, Death, Elemental Amulets, Lightning Shield/Fire Shield, Multi-Way Shot/Rapid Fire/Reflective Shot, Treasure, and even Pojo! With X-Ray Glasses (also sometimes found in the chest), heroes can easily snatch what they want.