The Valley of Fire is the first step into the Mountain Kingdom. It's the shortest area in the entire quest and offers only minimal resistance and items. The Valley consists of winding trails leading upward, most of which have worked-stone walls. These trails will lead to small flat areas that are guarded by Orc Grunts. Heroes will also need to be cautious of flames venting from the within the mountain. Reaching the top of the Valley leads to Dagger Peak.


Gauntlet: Legends

The Valley of Fire is the first area that the heroes travel through. There's a Obelisk waiting below the bridge just East of the starting point; it's revealed by destroying the wall on the ledge North of the bridge.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

After traveling through the grueling Forsaken Province, the Valley of Fire will be a nice chance to take it easy. A Runestone awaits where the Obelisk was in Legends, and is obtainable in the same place. Heroes will be forced to fight a Gargoyle in close-quarters here.



The music here is pretty much the direct theme of the Legends series.