The Turbo Attack is a special ability possessed by the heroes in Gauntlet: Legends and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. There are three levels of Turbo Attack and the Turbo Meter slowly recharges after being used. Turbo Attacks recharge faster in Sumner's Tower, and using a Turbo Boost item will immediately restore the Turbo Meter. A character's Beast Within possesses the same Turbo Attack as the primary character. Nothing can stop a Turbo Attack; Level 2 and 3 Turbo Attacks, if applicable, will pierce through multiple targets. If a Golem or General sees a Turbo Attack coming, they'll usually succeed in guarding against it and greatly reducing damage. Affected monsters, if not outright destroyed, will frequently be knocked prone by these attacks. Running will deplete the Turbo Meter quickly.

Turbo Meter and typical effects:

  • Green; Level 1: Firing off a level 1 Turbo Attack results in a fast, powerful, single shot. Every character has the same Level 1 Turbo Attack, and thus isn't in the charts below.
  • Yellow; Level 2: This attack either affects all close targets around the hero, or an arc in front.
  • Red; Level 3: The highest level attack is usually cone or line effect that fires forward, or a large area-affecting power that levels monsters all around the hero.


Archer and Tigress

  • Double Bow: Unleashes a barrage of arrows that affects a wide cone in front of the archer.
  • BFG: Fires a large green bolt forward.

Dwarf and Ogre

  • Thunder Clap: Attacks all enemies in melee range.
  • Fire Fissure: A burrowing earth attack that fires forward.

Jester and Hyena

  • Sonic Boom: Attacks all enemies in melee range.
  • Hammertime: Launches a cartoonish boxing glove forward.

Knight and Unicorn

  • Ball and Chain: The mace temporarily becomes a flail and attacks all enemies in melee range.
  • Wheel of Death: A large metal wheel rolls forward. This has a very wide area-of-affect.

Sorceress and Medusa

  • Acid Rain: Acidic spray affects all in melee range.
  • Spell Storm: Summons six skeletons that dash off in different directions.

Valkyrie and Falconess

  • Multi-Blade Arc: Attacks all enemies in melee range.
  • Sky Lance: A wedge-like lightning bolt fires forward.

Warrior and Minotaur

  • Fire Arc: Attacks all enemies in melee range with a fiery attack.
  • Plasma Trail: A burning lance of flame races forward.

Wizard and Jackal

  • Rock Shower: Stones rain down, affecting a large radius around the caster.
  • Demon Skull: A demonic skull is raised up and then launched forward.