The Treasure Room is a core part of Gauntlet. These are typically miniature labyrinths laden with Treasure. Treasure Rooms, like Clue Rooms, have a timer; if the hero doesn't find an exit or collect all the treasure before the timer runs out, the full reward isn't given. Slower heroes may find navigating these rooms in time frustrating; obtaining Extra Speed potions or using the Speed item can really help with this.



Heroes can find Extra Power Potions in these rooms as well, but they're rare. If the hero should find the exit before time runs out, any treasure collected here will be multiplied into the total score. 

It is interesting to note that the treasure rooms sometimes play the same soundtrack as the Treasure Room in the Mountain Kingdom Realm of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

Gauntlet II

Gauntlet (NES)

Exiting a Treasure Room will completely refill a hero's health here.

Gauntlet: Legends

Treasure Rooms are disguised as wooden hatches set into the ground, each with a specific logo on it, and are found scattered throughout the Realms. Collecting all the Coins in a Treasure Room will unlock the Beast Within for a specific character. The Beasts Within are additional character classes that improve upon the native abilities of the basic class (for example, the Warrior's Beast Within is the Minotaur). Slower heroes will pretty much need the Speed item to collect all the coins in time. Depending upon the version of Legends, heroes may complete the area that the Treasure Room was in by simply collecting all the coins within.

Treasure Rooms

  • Gauntlet
  • Space
  • Lab
  • Stun
  • Trenches

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The Treasure Rooms operate the same way as in Legends, but there are more characters to unlock and more unique treasure rooms.

Treasure Rooms