The Super Shot is an upgrade to a character's normal ranged attack. Once active, the Super Shot will obliterate whatever it touches. The Super Shot is a limited weapon, though, and characters will only have so many to use.


Gauntlet II

The Super Shot is an amulet that grants a hero 10 shots. This shot will destroy anything, including chests.

Gauntlet: Legends

The Super Shot takes the form of a very large crossbow that fires a golden bolt. This wide bolt overruns everything in its path, destroying most targets and knocking down the rest. The bolt will persist for a very long time.

Archer (and Tigress) are the one class that amplifies the Super Shot with both the Double Bow (Level-2 Turbo Attack) and BFG (Level-3 Turbo Attack). This, combined with a Multi-Way Shot, is a one-hit kill for many bosses.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Works the same as in Legends. However, expect Generals and Golems to block this attack, making it less than ideal against them.