Sumner's Tower is a tower where Sumner watches over the heroes from the eight Realms, first appearing in Gauntlet: Legends. Sumner's Tower is a place for the heroes to rest and recover their Turbo Meter. Items that run on a timer, such as Levitation, do not lose duration while in the Tower. The Tower is used to access any currently unlocked Realm. Realms may require Obelisks or Crystals to access. Replacing the broken Shards of the mosaic unseals the Desecrated Temple, where Skorne awaits. Collecting 13 Runestones will open up access to the Underworld. In Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Golden Icons are needed to open up parts of the Tower that have been sealed off. Sumner himself is situated at a podium, at the Northern part of the tower.


If a hero approaches Sumner, he'll offer a few services.


Sumner's Shop can be accessed in Sumner's menu (in Dark Legacy, heroes can access the shop anywhere within the tower from the pause menu). Here, heroes may exchange their hard-earned Treasure for weapons and items, including basics such as Food, Keys, and Bomb Potions. Heroes may also purchase stat upgrades, increasing Strength, Speed, Magic, or Armor permanently.


Sumner will spare some of his wisdom with the hero, imparting advice for using items, increasing combat efficiency, locating Runestones and Legendary Items, to defeating the various Boss monsters. Sumner won't tell all right away, however. He'll save higher-level advice for higher-level heroes.

Siege of Sumner's Tower

After assembling the Shards of the great mosaic and sending Skorne to the Underworld, Garm assembles an undead army to assault the tower. When Garm's undead army tried to break down the tower, bits of it chipped off. Sumner conjured a charm to temporarily keep the enemies at bay. The heroes were successful in destroying the army, saving the tower.


Gauntlet: Legends

Increasing a hero's stats requires 800 gold to increase by 5 points.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Increasing a hero's stats requires 1000 gold to increase by 10 points.


Sumner's Tower music begins with the traditional Gauntlet theme, which then medleys into the main theme for Legends.