While talking to Sumner in Sumner's Tower during Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, if you select General Hints, the following messages will appear

(Note: Ones that say to that he will give more when more of his tower are unlocked are excluded.)

Unlocked from the start

  • Your precious food can be spoiled by the toxic green gas.
  • Be careful what you shoot. Explosions can destroy valuable items.
  • You may need to activate hidden switches to proceed.
  • Never leave my tower without a full turbo.
  • Find the secret door and a beast can be unleashed by collecting all the coins.
  • I have placed scrolls to help you in each realm.
  • Keys are more valuable than junk and some fruit.
  • You must find enough Crystals of the appropriate color to enter each realm.
  • Sections of my tower can only be unlocked by collecting all of the proper golden items.
  • You may trade your gold for health, keys, and weapons.
  • The power of Invisibility is useless against Skorne's mighty guardians.
  • Powerups have a shorter duration when facing Skorne's guardians.
  • A less experienced hero should not spend gold on improving his attributes.
  • If a Runestone cannot be found, banish Skorne and I can help show you the way.
  • The beast within each character begins and ends stronger in every way.
  • Be sure to vanquish Golems and Generals, as they may have valuables in their possession.

After unlocking the West Wing

  • A chest can be turned from sour to sweet by using magic.
  • Picking a turbo power up when your meter is full will waste its power.
  • While in my tower your powerups will not be depleted.
  • You can double the duration of a powerup by purchasing it twice.
  • Having spare keys can save you both time and travel.
  • Beware of what Pojo eats.
  • A level 25 hero will gain new magic abilities.
  • The route backwards within a realm may become blocked as you progress, so leave nothing behind.
  • The location of items may change when 2 or more heroes enter a realm.
  • Eating food when your health is full may cause some of it to be wasted.

After unlocking the East Wing

  • The stained glass window must be restored to enter the Desecrated Temple.
  • 12 Runestones will lead you to the Underworld; a 13th will lead you to Garm.
  • To speed your travel within my tower, find the magic carpet.
  • At Level 50, a hero's magic ability grows much stronger.
  • A bridge now completes the travel from east to west within my tower.
  • Experienced heroes can gain much my increasing their attributes.

After unlocking the Desecrated Temple

  • A wise man carries a full key ring into the Desecrated Temple.
  • Skorne is more powerful than magic. Yours will be useless against him.
  • In the Underworld, your only nourishment for your fight is held by the Fire Golems.
  • At level 75, your magic will begin to heal you and your comrades.
  • Once you become a legend, you should no longer fear the Black Death.
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