Web of the Queen Spider
Spider Queen
Background information
Video games Gauntlet: Legends, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Character information
Full name
Other names The Queen Spider
Personality Nasty, Vicious
Appearance Half-Woman, Half-Spider (Black Widow), Black Hair, Black Eyes
Occupation Guardian, Queen
Affiliations Evil
Goal To stop the hero from taking her shard
Home Forest Realm
Allies Skorne
Minions Lizardmen, Treants, Spiders, Lizardman Kings, Wooden Golems, Eagle-Dragons
Enemies Archer, Knight, Wizard, Valkyrie, Dwarf, Warrior, Jester, Sorceress, Sumner
Likes Webs
Dislikes Poison, Toxic Bellows
Powers and abilities Spit goop, Spit spider nests, Slash, Stab, Crack with whip,
Weapons Green Whip, Knife Hand
Fate Falls through her own web to her death.
Quote Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

The eight-legged Spider Queen is the guardian of the Forest Realm and lives in an enormous web. She wields a whip and kicks with her hind legs. She is useless when her powers are matched with the Toxic Bellows found in the mystic pyramid of the Desert Lands. She holds the fifth Shard in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, and is yet another of Skorne's guardians.


The Spider Queen shoots goo that transforms into webs, slowing down her victims. She can also create Generators that spawn spiders. Along with standard melee attacks with her whip and kicks, she has a powerful charge attack. Heroes who don't dodge this attack can take hefty damage.

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