The Yellow Sorceress.

The Sorceress first appeared in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy as one of the new set of four heroes. Her Beast Within is the Medusa.

The beautiful, yet sassy Sorceress was found practicing her arts of grey necromancy (but had nothing to do with Skorne's zombies) in the Forsaken Province. Driven out, she won't stop until she banishes the terrifying Lich from her realm, defeat Skorne, and purge Garm.

Sorceress Powers

Lv. 25: Can change Poisoned Fruit into a clean Apple.

Lv. 30: Gets a small bat.

Lv. 50: Can cleanse Poisoned Meat into a yummy Drumstick.

Lv. 70: Gets a large bat.

Level Ranking

Rank Level
Sorceress 1
Witch 10
Conjurer 30
Spellcaster 50
Spellshaper 70
Necromancer 90
Legend 99
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