The Sorcerer is a common foe in most Gauntlet adventures. They attack much like the Wizard, throwing magical bolts at whatever they encounter. Though they don't excel at melee, they have no hesitation in approaching heroes for point-blank shots.

Super Sorcerer

The Super Sorcerer is an enhanced version of the Sorcerer that also turns invisible and back at a fairly quick rate. This ability makes them hard to keep track of, but well-placed shots will still damage them.



In Gauntlet I and II, the sorceror does not fire projectiles. Instead, it phases in and out of visibility, making it harder to hit with shots.

Gauntlet (NES)

Gauntlet II

Gauntlet III: The Final Quest

The sorcerers in this adventure are dedicated to serving the lord of decay, Capricorn. There appears to be two types, an Apprentice Sorcerer and the stronger Mage.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Sorcerers are encountered in the Dream World Realm and spawn from mirrors.

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