Shards are pieces of a magical mosaic in Sumner's Tower. When complete, standing in the light of the mosaic creates a portal to the Desecrated Temple. When Skorne invaded the Realms, having been summoned by Garm, he took over the once-graceful Temple and corrupted it. In order to seal off his place of power, he destroyed the mosaic. The magic of this mosaic was so strong that he couldn't annihilate it, so he hid a Shard in each Realm, to be guarded by a fierce creature. In order to recover the path to the Desecrated Temple and banish Skorne, heroes will need to re-assemble the mosaic by obtaining the Shards. Once all the Shards are in place, the mosaic will repair itself and the path to the Temple will again be open. Banishing Skorne from his Earthly Citadel will send him to the Underworld.

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