The mysterious Shadow Wraith is Skorne's most deadly guardian. A being of pure evil and nightmares, this monster will keep the heroes on edge with his quick attacks and sporadic style. His dark form makes it hard to predict his movements amidst the shifting background.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Wraith is found in an old temple-like room in the Dream World and is vulnerable to the Lantern of Revelation, which is found in the Haunted Grounds in the Dream World. It carries the eighth Shard and is considered to be one of the toughest bosses in the adventure. The lantern temporarily stops it from hurling shadow orbs at the player.


Being Skorne's most powerful guardian is indeed a very difficult being to defeat. His attacks at close range is a swipe that can be done three times. At long range however, he summons and throws multiple snakes, tosses a black ball of energy that can slow the hero down, attacks both sides of the field using his tendrils in wide arc, creates a sphere with green tendrils and shoot it, and finally charges up energy to shoot a sphere of dark energy at the hero.

A word of caution: in some versions of the game (i.e. older GC versions), if the player tries to attack the Shadow Wraith at long range, their projectiles may hit the ground before they hit the boss, causing no damage. You may need to get closer to it in order to damage it with projectiles.


- An animated character model of the Shadow Wraith and Plague Fiend taken right from the game was released on a forum somewhere on the Internet (though it's incredibly difficult to find).