A small set of enenmies, including the Orc Grunt, Fire Beast, Desert Mummy, and two varitions of Skorne.

In 1999, Reaper Miniatures produced a small line of Gauntlet: Legends pewter figurines to promote the console ports of the game. They were offered for free after a Midway proof-of-purchase form was mailed to them. The set was produced in very limited quantities and the offer expired on December 31, 2000.

Released Figures

Cancelled Figures


The unreleased figure, packaged in a Dark Heaven Apocalypse case.

A figure of the Plague Grunt was planned in the production line, however for unknown reasons it was never released to the public and instead packaged as a gift for each member of the Atari Games development team.

A set of the four new Gauntlet: Dark Legacy characters were also planned, however turned into a developer gift as well.



A sealed Minotaur necklace.

Small pewter necklaces were produced along with the rest of the miniatures as a mail-in bonus. They were packaged in the same case as the regular figures. These pendants had carved images of the four heroes (Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Archer) and a unique Minotaur pendant.

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