Realms are the various level sets that make up the Gauntlet world.

Gauntlet: Legends

All Realms are accessed through Sumner's Tower.

Each Realm has an assigned primary and secondary Grunt, anklebiter, and boss. The Golems and Generals encountered also conform to the realm. The progress of the Realms is displayed on a map shown in-between levels. In some versions of the game, only a screenshot of the level is displayed.

In Gauntlet: Legends, Realms are accessed by discovering Obelisks for Sumner. Two of the four Realms from the original arcade version were replaced in the PlayStation and N64 version. The Dreamcast version features the original levels of the arcade and two of the new levels as a bonus.

PlayStation/Nintendo 64


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

A Yellow Warrior exploring Realms.

A pregressive map of the Forsaken Province.

In Dark Legacy, the Realms are unlocked by collecting Crystals rather than Obelisks. Each Realm requires a certain amount of a unique colored crystal in order for the player to access it. Unlike Legends, the first Realm is the Forsaken Province rather than the Mountain Kingdom, which is second.

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

Seven Sorrows uses a different level formula compared to Legends and Dark Legacy. There are no Realms, however the levels in the game are divided into four parts. The manual also describes that the game takes place in the "Earth Realm".

  • City Under Siege
  • Ancient Forest
  • Imperial City
  • Imperial Dungeon