Pojo is Sumner's magically enchanted chicken. He is both a cheat-coded character and an item. When obtaining or using Pojo's Egg, a hero temporarily becomes Pojo. Pojo's primary attack is a fireball, not unlike the projectile used by the Phoenix Familiar. As a downside, Pojo actually loses health if he eats Meat-type Food. In Gauntlet: Dark Legacy there is also a Treasure Room called Pojo's Henhouse found in the Haunted House, which unlocks the Hyena.

Cheat Code

By entering EGG911 as a character name, the player can permanently play as Pojo. Ironically when the hero levels up while as Pojo in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Sumner will say "Pojo is now a Level 10 Prankster" instead of the official title as Jester, even though it appears on the text on the screen.


Pojo is the chicken from Mace: the Dark Age video game.