The Orc is the primary enemy and grunt class for the Mountain Kingdom, appearing in both Gauntlet: Legends and Dark Legacy.


Gauntlet: Legends / Dark Legacy

These grunts are simply known as the Mountain Grunts in Legends and Dark Legacy

These green-skinned brutes spawn from old shacks as their main generator and follow after the player for attack.

Upon completing both games while enemies from every realm perishing towards the end, the Orcs' demise leads them becoming stones and crumble into pieces.

The Orcs are the first enemies ever encountered in Gauntlet: Legends and the fourth in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. The Orcs appear in the original arcade version and all console ports of Gauntlet: Legends. There is no appearance of the enemy in the GBA port of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.


  • The Orc's Reaper Miniature was produced to promote the console ports of Gauntlet: Legends.
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