Maggots are repulsive grubs and small anklebiters debuted in Gauntlet: Legends and Dark Legacy.


Gauntlet: Legends / Dark Legacy

Maggots are encountered in all levels of the Forsaken Province realm. They are often spawned from rotten animal carcasses as their main generators, and only appearing in two level types.

In Legends, they are used to be encountered in both Venomous Spire and Toxic Air Ship before Dark Legacy where both levels transfer to the Sky Dominion realm and replaced by Slimes as newer enemies, while the Maggots are introduced in two new Forsaken Province levels Ghost Town and Mausoleum respectively.

In Dark Legacy, it is noted that the Maggots are the very first anklebiters enemies encountered from the entire Forsaken Province realm and even in the last Forsaken Province level Lich's Crypt where they spawn from bloody globs created by the guardian boss Lich.

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