Deep in the Mountain Kingdom, the Lost Cave is found by reaching the exit of the Cliffs of Desolation, and lead to the Volcanic Cavern. The Lost Cave is a volcanic area, so flame vents and lava flows are common. The activity here has created a maze, so heroes should expect fights in close quarters and not a small amount of getting lost. Even though landforms are connected by small bridges, cunning heroes can use the separation to destroy monsters and Generators before having to cross into the next area. Many walls here can be destroyed, and these little side trips can be quite profitable. There are a lot of Treasure Chests here, so heroes should come to the Lost Cave with a full Key ring; X-Ray Glasses will go a long way to making sure those keys are spent wisely.

Demons will make their first appearance here.


Gauntlet: Legends

A Runestone lies in wait here.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy


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