GauntDL Knight 0217

The Knight from Gauntlet Dark Legacy

The Knight is one of the eight character classes in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and the DreamCast port of Gauntlet: Legends. Along with the Valkyrie, he is a heavily armored yet balanced character. His alter-ego is the Unicorn, and he is from the Sky Dominion.


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Stats Exp
Strength 350
Armor 450
Magic 250
Speed 300

Types of Knights          

Red Knight: He resembles a huscarl. He wears a red Helmet with face mask that covers to his nose, horns, and carries a sheild made of metal with red in front of it. When he reaches level 99, his face mask becomes gold along with his armor and shield.

Blue Knight: He resemble a English knight with leather slacks. He wears a blue helmet and he carries a shield that shows three lions in front of it. When he reaches level 70, he wears a face mask, and when he reaches level 99 his face mask becomes gold, along with metal parts of his armor and shield.

Yellow Knight: He resembles a Arabian Mamluk. He wears yellow armor and robes and carries a shield with a golden sun on it. His armor changes are similar to the other colors at both level 70 and 99.

Green Knight: He resembles a Pictish knight. He wears plated armor on one side with a bronze curaiss and, unlike the other knights, carries a circular shield with eroded green accents. At level 99, his armor and shield gain gold accents.

Level Ranking

Rank Level
Knight 1
Guard 10
Protector 30
Cavalier 50
Champion 70
Paladin 90
Legend 99

Turbo Attacks

  • Ball and Chain

The knight extends his mace into a ball and chain and swings it around himself

  • Wheel of Death

The Knight summons a giant spiked wheel that obliterates everything in its path.

Version Differences

In the DreamCast port of Gauntlet: Legends it is impossible to access the Knight's alter-ego. Some believe it to be possible but are yet to prove it.


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