The Jester, as seen in a Gauntlet: Dark Legacy cutscene.

The Jester is one of the eight character classes in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Along with the Archer, he is a speed character, which makes his strength and armor reasonably low. He is slightly more skilled in magic than the Archer. His alter-ego is the Hyena. He hails from the Dream World as its mayor, and has absolutely no fear whatsoever about setting his highly explosive bombs on fire as a power up, and holding on to them. He spends his free time helping Freddy Krueger make witty one-liners. He is after nothing else but slaughter and a laugh.


After beating this game multiple times due to my lack of a social life, I always played as him in my first run-through, because his speed helps the most in the treasure rooms, although the archer works just as well. He's also the most fun to use, because unlike most other characters, his melee attacks vary with his different skins. I rarely use the combos, because the way to get the most out of his speed is by using the "charge" attack, which gives a quick boost of speed to help dodge an attack that would otherwise knock you on your ass. His speed also makes him ideal for the "robotron" control style found in the "settings". He'll reach 999 speed on his own, so there's no need to buy speed stat boosts for him, but for an even quicker run-through of the game, buy as many strength upgrades as you can.


Stat Exp
Strength 200
Armor 200
Magic 350
Speed 600

Level Ranking

Rank Level
Jester 1
Prankster 10
Joker 30
Clown 50
Trickster 70
Fool 90
Legend 99

Turbo Attack

  • Sonic Boom: The Jester takes out a pair of giant gloves and claps with them creating a devastating sonic boom that kills most enemies in range. It's a short-range turbo and requires only 1 bar of power to do.
  • Hammer Time: The Jester pulls out a joke hammer that shoots out a big boxing glove destroying everything in its path. It's a long-range turbo and requires 2 bars of power to do.


  • Cartwheel- The Jester lunges forward and revolves on his hands and feet, with limegreen lines representing motion as he moves.
  • Pirouette- The jester gets on one leg and spins, kicking, which kills or knocks back all enemies within a tiny radius.
  • Oldest Trick In The Book- The Jester pulls a rope from nowhere and a heavy item falls on the enemies in front of him. (This attack varies depending on your character's color; Blue Jester drops a 2 ton weight, but Red drops a giant disembodied foot, Yellow drops oppression, and Green drops a wooden crate of glass.)

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