There are few things more welcome-and rare-in the Gauntlet than Invulnerability. While invulnerable, a hero is completely immune to harm (though any health-draining effects of the dungeon will still have an effect) and can wade through the harshest of melee with nary a scratch.


Gauntlet (NES)

Gauntlet: Legends

Invulnerability comes in two flavors.

Silver Invulnerability

Silver invulnerability renders the hero immune to damage. However, other combat effects may occur, such as knockdown. While invincible, a hero will be completely silver.

Gold Invulnerability

If silver invulnerability is rare, gold invulnerability is super-rare. This variation, which renders a hero solid gold in color, not only makes the user invincible, but actually recovers health for every hit the hero takes!

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

This item functions identical to the one in Legends.

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