Invisibility is one of the most useful items when facing the hordes of monsters in any Gauntlet. While invisible, a hero can run around completely undetected by monsters who will ignore the presence of that hero. It has many uses, allowing heroes to obtain items, get out of a horde, race to an exit, or simply thin the hordes without fear of retribution. Monsters will immediately disengage if a hero suddenly goes invisible. Don't get too complacent, however; while having a short breather can be nice, turning invisible doesn't render a hero invincible. Invisibility runs on a timer.



Gauntlet (NES)

Gauntlet: Legends

This is a large, semi-invisible crystalline object. While it does render the user invisible to standard monsters, it won't fool Generals, Death, or the boss encounters.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

As in Legends, but the list of unaffected monsters grows to include Gargoyles.

Sumner sells this in his tower for 600 gold.

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