The Ice Domain is a lonely and foreboding region, covered in snow and ice. Skorne's minions have heavily occupied this land, it will be a bitter fight to drive them out. Long ago, a large meteor fell here, consisting of green crystal. The Dwarven engineers who mined this meteor have been mutated by Skorne's power, becoming Ice Grunts under his control.


Gauntlet: Legends

There are 3 Runestones, the Treasure Room to unlock the Jackal, and the Legend Item is Marker's Javelin. In this Realm the player must face 4 levels before fighting the Yeti:




  • This is the only Realm where primary and secondary enemies come from generators in the ground, while the anklebiters come from Generators in the walls.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The Dwarf is from this Realm. 225 White Crystals must be collected before entering the Ice Domain.



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