The Haunted Cemetary is a large, blighted area of the Forsaken Province. This area consists of multiple graveyards (the latter ones are rather large) connected by twisting pathways, most of which are fiendishly protected by spike traps.


Gauntlet: Legends

Heroes will arrive here after passing through the Poisoned Fields, proceeding towards the Venomous Spire. Heroes will also encounter their first indestructible Generator; this one produces tough Zombie Grunts. There's a Runestone hidden in the first crypt on the left in the row of tombs, right before the fountain. An Obelisk is semi-hidden behind a small mausoleum in the far left of the winding fields not too far from the fountain.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The cemetery lies between the Ghost Town and Mausoleum. Some of the gravestones and tree stumps can be broken for items and switches. There's a fair amount of treasure here, but it often requires a bit of searching. Another Golden Fang is possessed by a Gargoyle here. The Haunted Cemetary is teeming with Crystals (particularly red ones needed for the Mountain Kingdom) and Food. Heroes will find their first pair of X-Ray Glasses here, along with the first Anti-Death Halo (with a Black Death waiting in the opposite crypt!).

The Parchment of Fire is in the area, held aloft by cloaked statues in the middle of a burning pool. Four switches are required to obtain it:

  1. Just North of the pool, which reveals a Gas Mask on top of a switch in the crypts just South of the pool.
  2. The second switch reveals the third switch, a pillar to the Northwest of the pool. This switch extinguishes the flames in the pool.
  3. This switch rotates the statue, bringing the scroll into view, and also revealing the fourth switch.
  4. The fourth switch, to the Northeast of the pool, lowers the scroll and creates a ramp to it within the pool.



Audiophiles will notice that the music here is a remix of the Legends and Dark Legacy theme, and that the music track changes halfway through, becoming more refined.

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