Upon the heroes' arrival at the town from the Poisoned Fields in the Forsaken Province, they find it overrun with Zombies. The mining town is in shambles and burning, its inhabitants dead or undead. Heroes must fight through the ruins of the village, destroying all monsters within, and navigating through stables, taverns, the town square (complete with gallows, which actually hides a barrel of gold) and mind runaway mine carts. It's a fairly large town, and many avenues have been cut off by burning wreckage and collapsed buildings. The journey ends as the heroes approach the Haunted Cemetery, after traveling through a small graveyard and reaching the exit after passing through the ruined church; hearing the tolling bell is a sign that it's close by.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

There is a Serpent-headed Gargoyle in this area and hitting a target on a wall in the ruined tavern will reveal another Golden Fang. There is a Treasure Room (unlocking the Medusa) at the top of the church's bell tower that can only be accessed by destroying a wall in the back of the ruined sanctuary and flipping the switch found there.


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