Gauntlet was a popular arcade game in 1985, and, due to its runaway success, received several ports and sequels, culminating in Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows.

The gameplay is rather simple in nearly every incarnation. Players choose a character class from Warrior, Elf (or Archer), Wizard, or Valkyrie, then attempt to make it to the exit of a given area, all while fending off monsters and grabbing as much loot as possible. In the arcades (and certain early console versions), a character's health dwindled away, but could be recovered by collecting Food; however, the fierce opposition and grueling dungeon hazards meant that a lot of gamers lost a lot of money to this quarter-muncher. Nowadays, nearly every version of Gauntlet is available for home consoles, and the original arcade Gauntlet and Gauntlet II can be found in various cross-platform Midway Collections.

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