Gauntlet 4 front

Gauntlet IV is a remake of the original Gauntlet, released for the Mega Drive/Genesis, but with many new features and items that would be seen in future incarnations.


The game combines the original Arcade gameplay of Gauntlet with three new modes:

  • Battle Mode: Gauntlet's deathmatch mode pitted player against player in a free-for-all environment complete with monsters, traps, items and exits.
  • Quest Mode: Players start in a central hub with merchants, whom sell weapons and items. From there, players must fight through four towers of ancient castle. Along the way, experience points are gained and can be used to increase character stats. A password system allowed for continuous play.
  • Record Mode: A sort of infinite mode version of the original Arcade mode. Players can use passwords to continue their progress.



In addition to the standard items, each character can equip a progressive number of weapons and armor.



Dungeon Dressing