Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Remastered is an upcoming fan remake of the 2001 installment Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. The game is in early prototyping stages and has an undetermined date for release. A demo level is expected to come out in September with early access for Patron supporters. Its progress can be viewed on its personal Discord page here:

GDL - Remastered aims to improve upon multiple elements of the original game. With a new approach to animation and all of the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4's technology, GDL - Remastered's graphics will look fresh, up-to-date, and just as immersive! The development team has access to the original, uncompressed music and sound files, and is also working with the original music composers to remake some of the iconic soundtracks. Lastly, some minor gameplay tweaks will lead to a much smoother hacking and slashing time!

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Remastered aims to keep the same feeling and spirit as the original, with some improvements. All tweaks are, as of now, subject to change.


The story of GDL: Remastered remains largely the same. The narrative may become stronger and more detailed with certain tidbits of lore. Characters may be mouthier and be more distinctive, bosses may be more vocal, and Skorne will remain just as arrogant.

Gameplay Tweaks and Improvements

While the original GDL's gameplay holds up some twenty years later, a few tweaks here and there iron out the common complaints heard by GDL players.


The eight characters return in their full glory, all of whom come in four designer colors that make them feel and look unique. Characters will also no longer be gender-locked, allowing for further fulfillment of players' innermost fantasies!

Secret Characters will not only be reskins of the original eight characters, but possess their own moves and play styles, and be able to gain new pieces of armor every ten levels as well!


Characters will either be melee-oriented (i.e. Warrior, Knight, Valkyrie) or ranged-oriented (i.e. Archer, Wizard, Jester). However, all characters will get both melee and ranged attacks. Melee attacks will have new, dynamic combos. A dodge roll will also be implemented to evade projectiles and add a new way of taking down bosses.


Some tweaks to the items are secret, but what isn't secret is that there is clearly a missing Light Breath. This will be added along with Repulsion from Gauntlet I and II.

In addition to Riddle/Hint Scrolls, there will also be voice-acted Lore Scrolls that will give subtle world-building pertaining to the realms they're found in.


In addition to Ankle Biters, there are now Flying Grunts, which attack from above. These may or may not have generators.

Many of the bosses are more mobile to make for a more interesting fight, whether it be the Plague Fiend materializing in the toxic slime pools found around the stage, or the Dragon flying about his lair. Each fight will be uniquely challenging and make getting that shard feel well-deserved.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Many exciting improvements await. So what are you waiting for? Join the Discord and let's purge Garm's evil from the realms.



Concept art of the Sorceress, female.