Gargoyles are huge, onyx-scaled winged monsters. They are dragon-like in stature and have three different varieties. They are the strongest foes encountered outside of boss chambers, so heroes should unload their strongest attacks and items to defeat it as quickly as possible. At range, Gargoyles will alternate between their two ranged attacks. They are close relatives to the Chimera .

Gargoyle Attacks:

  • Claw: If the hero is within melee range, the Gargoyle may lash out with a claw.
  • Elemental Bolt: The Gargoyle launches a bolt of elemental energy, which inflicts knockback.
  • Elemental Breath: A burst of elemental power, akin to the Elemental Breath item, which blasts heroes backwards to a certain distance.

The specific Gargoyle head determines which Golden Icon it drops upon being defeated.

  • The Serpent is acid-based, drops Golden Fangs.
  • The Eagle is lightning-based, drops Golden Feathers.
  • The Lion is fire-based, drops Golden Claws.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

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