The jewel case art for Dreamcast Gauntlet Legends.

GLDC is the Dreamcast console port of Gauntlet Legends. It was ported and published by Midway Games. It was released on May 30, 2000, three months before GL64 and three months after GLPS.



A Yellow Valkyrie at Sumner's tower.

GLDC is most notable for being a near-direct arcade port. The four Realms from the original are included, however some of the levels were completely revamped. A new physics engine was used, and some of the soundtracks were remixed.

Like the arcade version, there is no inventory. The player can only access the shop after completing a level. Special items are used on a time limit, which is slightly longer than the arcade version. The game is often criticized for not being able to buy food at the shop.

This is the only console port to include many features from Gauntlet Dark Legacy. The 8 new character classes are playable here. Also, the Poisoned Fields is included as the first level in the Castle Stronghold. The Mausoleum is also accessed from a secret passage in the Courtyard.

Special Features

  • This is the only console port to feature the four original Realms from the arcade version.
  • This is also the only console port to feature team combos.
  • There are no secret character mazes. They are now unlocked by entering a code at the character select screen.
  • A completely revamped physics engine was used. This allowed effects such as floating platforms and pressure-sensitive projectile shots.



The hidden postcard image.

  • Some of Sumner's dialoge was ripped directly from GLPS. This means in some parts throughout the game he would make references to the secret levels only included in the Playstation version.
  • A hidden picture of a postcard can be displayed after defeating Skorne.

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