Gauntlet Legends (Nintendo 64)

GL64 is the Nintendo 64 console port of Gauntlet Legends. It was ported and published by Midway as the others were. It was the last console port of the game. It was released in August 2000.


This game includes an inventory system that allows the player to turn on/off most of the items in case they want to save them for later, with the exception of the Invincibilty and the Anti-Death Halo.

The first realm is the Mountain Kingdom, after the player activates the three obelisks in this realm, Sumner will unlock the Castle Stronghold (Valkyrie's Castle), two obelisks in this Realm will unlock the Forsaken Province, and two more on this Realm to get to the Ice Domain.

After the player beat the Boss of each one of the previous Realms, the player will get access to the Desecrated Temple, at the end of this level an armored Skorne awaits.

When the player beats Skorne for the first time, the doors leading to the Battlefield will be open.

When the player manages to collect the 13 runes stones, it will get access to the Underworld by stepping in the circle made with the runes.


  • After finishing the game (beating Skorne in the Underworld) you character will get a permanent Anti-Death Halo
  • Some overlooked tips/tricks
    • Wizards/Jackal/Sumner's Rock Shower will kill any golem, so be sure to have a magic user around ;)
    • The potions can destroy any generator no matter the 'Magic' stat of the player
    • When raiding against a mob using the turbo, you get more experience, so use it from time to time to level up faster
    • When having Skorne's armor equipped, if you use a L1 turbo attack (the green one) you will shoot magic just like with Skorne's Gauntlet, but the number of shots remaining wont go down, and it will do the same damage as Skorne's gauntlet (tested on bosses)

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