The heroes arrive at the Frozen Camp from Arctic Docks, in the Ice Domain. Here, they'll get their first encounter with Frost Worms. The Frozen Camp will lead to the Mine, but getting through the Camp isn't easy. Ice Golems are present and many trap tiles will need to be pushed in order to provide a path forward.


Gauntlet: Legends

The Frozen Camp is broken into multiple parts. The first part is overrun by monsters and battle will be constant. The exit can be quickly reached, but taking the high route next to it easily doubles the length of the area and is full of more monsters and treasure. This extra path eventually doubles back to the exit.

Soon into Part 2, the heroes will find a Runestone kept atop an icy pillar. Four switches scattered throughout the area will be needed to bring this stone within reach, and a Scroll detailing this will be found before the first switch in the sequence. The exit is found on top of a large stack of crates, but there's also a Treasure Room, leading to the Docks.


Part 1
Part 2

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

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