The Forsaken Province used to be a place of peace, serenity and beauty, until overrun by the servants of Skorne. It's now a dark place, riddled with disease and corruption. The Sorceress hails from this land. Sumner used to love taking strolls in this peaceful land, until Skorne revived the dead here into his minions, including the Lich.


Gauntlet: Legends

The townsfolk of Twinion, once a peaceful place, have been corrupted into plague zombies by the toxic gasses that poured from the airships high above the village.

The Forsaken Province (also known as Skytown) appeared in the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 version of Legends. The boss is the Plague Fiend. The Legendary Weapon found in this Realm is the Flame of Tarkana, found in the Venomous Spire.




The Poisoned Fields and Mausoleum are also featured in the Dreamcast version as bonus levels.


Parts of this area, namely Toxic Spire and Floating Airship, became part of the Sky Dominion in Dark Legacy.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The boss of the Realm was also changed to the Lich.

Sorcery and black magic rule in this realm. Death is the main topic of conversation and many spells have been passed down through the generations, Witchcraft is still practiced in many of the towns so beware in your travels. This is home to the Sorceress.

There's a sign above the Province's entrance that reads "Ataria".


In Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, the last three levels were taken out and instead used for the Sky Dominion. This also caused the background story and enemies to change as well. The Lich calls this place home.



Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

It's called the Plague Village here, and the Scarecrow awaits the heroes. The Lich is buried with the hand that killed it miles under where the Scarecrow came to life.

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