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The Falconess is the alternate form for the Valkyrie in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and Gauntlet: Legends. To unlock her in both games, you'll have to enter the treasure room and beat the bonus round.

Level 25: Magic disarms traps.


The Falconess is a varient of the Valkyrie playable character. And, like her previous form, is clearly female. She has the head of an eagle with ruffled grey fur and crimson eyes. Her beak is short and hooked, yellow with a black tip. Grey feathers extend from her shoulders. From the neck-ish area down, she is a busty woman with average light colored skin, minus the occasion feathers across her form. Like most females in the Gauntlet Franchise, the Falconess is very scantily clad, wearing nothing but a pair of glove-like armbands, if such can be considered attire. Her true clothing is nothing but a simple bikini, including a bikini top which exposes much of her big boobs, as well as her stomach and has her navel exposed. The falconess's only leggings are a thin-strapped bikini bottom which leaves her nearly pantsless. Some feathers hang from her waist and may or may not cover the falconess's hindquarters. She also has a pair of large boots with golden decorations and feathers extending from the back. The player has access to four color scemes for the falconess, which will change the color of her bikini top, armbands, boots, and bikini bottom. A pair of white wings extend from her back

The Falconess wields a silver and gold sword into battle, and nothing is known of her personality, if she even truly has one.


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Stats Exp
Strength 350
Armor 500
Magic 350
Speed 350
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