The Emperor was the former ruler of the empire, and who also served as the narrator in Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows.

The Emperor was once a kind ruler who was guided by four immortal heroes: The Warrior, The Wizard, The Elf and The Valkyrie.

Howwver, his six advisors convinced the king to betray the immortals so that he can be immortal.Once the act was done, the six themselves betrayed the emperor, giving themselves npower but transformed into monsters. The Emperor, with his last act, freed the heroes, in order to undo the wrong act he had done. The emperor then asks the immortal heroes to undo the other sorrows, in the form of the treacherous six advisors.

One of the advisors, the magistrate, was described by the emerpor who had guided his hand in the order of imprisoning the immortal four heroes.

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