GauntDL Dwarf 0071

Dwarf from Gauntlet Dark Legacy

The Dwarf is one of the eight characters from Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and the DreamCast port of Gauntlet: Legends. Along with the Warrior, he is a Strength character. His alter-ego is the Ogre, and he is from the Ice Domain.


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Stats Exp
Strength 600
Armor 350
Magic 100
Speed 300

Level Rankings

Rank Level
Dwarf 1
Journeyman 10
Mercenary 30
Captain 50
Master 70
Lord 90
Legend 99

Turbo Attacks

  • Thunder Clap

The Dwarf claps his hands together and releases a short range burst of energy around him

  • Fire Fissure

Striking the ground with his hammer, the Drawf opens a flaming crack in the earth that obliterates everything in its path.

Version Differences

In the DreamCast port of Gauntlet: Legends it is impossible to access the Dwarf's alter-ego. Some believe it to be possible but are yet to prove it.

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