A progressive map of the Dream World

The Dream World is one of the eight realms within Sumner's Tower. It is home to the Shadow Wraith and is the native realm of the Jester. The Dream World only appears in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

The Dream World is the third and final realm of the East Wing and the eighth and final realm all together; accessible by collecting all twenty Golden Eagle Feathers from the East Wing, and by collecting at least 250 black crystals.


Level Significance
Carnival of the Lost New Enemy - Imp
Haunted Grounds Legendary Weapon - Lantern of Revelation
Haunted House Treasure Room
New Enemy - Sorcerer
Your Worst Nightmare Runestone
Maze of Illusion Runestone
Wraith's Haunt Shard / Key



  • Unlike every other realm in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, the Dream World does not make an appearance in any version of Gauntlet: Legends.
  • The Dream World is the only realm to hold the Legendary Weapon for it's own realm guardian.

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