The Desecrated Temple is Skorne's Earthly Citadel. It became the throne of his power after the demon lord killed Garm, and now serves as an unholy reminder of his presence. The Temple was sealed off by Skorne, and Sumner requires the heroes to obtain mosiac Shards before he can re-open the portal to the Desecrated Temple. The Temple itself isn't a large structure, but is guarded by a tremendous amount of Generators that can spawn enemies from any of the Realms. Any heroes wishing to banish Skorne to the Underworld must fight through legions of monsters to gain access to his lair. The Soul Savior is hidden here, and obtaining it will go a long way to defeating the demon lord.


Gauntlet: Legends

In Gauntlet: Legends heroes can access the Desecrated Temple after beating all 4 bosses and obtaining their shards.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy


  • The Temple's music, which is a remix of the traditional Gauntlet theme, varies with platform. The N64 version, for example, was a solid rock remix, whereas the PlayStation version was more techno.
  • The music's lyrics are, "Fas et nefas ambulant / pene passu pari; / prodigus non redimit / vitium avari," taken from the Carmina Burana poem number 19 from the 12th century. Roughly translated, it means, "Right and wrong walk almost in stride; prodigiousness cannot redeem the vice of the greedy."