Death from Seven Sorrows

Death is an enemy in the Gauntlet series. It drains a hero's life or experience by mere touch, taking a certain amount before disappearing. Death is, as might be expected, extraordinarily tough to kill. However, using/shooting a Bomb Potion will defeat Death instantly. Death typically appears as a black-cloaked figure, gliding atop the ground.



Death is an uncommon enemy and it must drain 100 health before disappearing.

Gauntlet II

Gauntlet (NES)

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

Gauntlet III: The Final Quest

Gauntlet IV

Gauntlet: Legends

Death, dressed in the typical black cloak, drains 100 Health before disappearing. Though Death can be defeated with 100 shots, like in previous titles, having an active Anti-Death Halo actually reverses Death's attacks (resulting in easy Health recovery that will go over the hero's maximum health). Death will also flee from any character using this item. Death can be found inside Barrels, locked chests (X-Ray Glasses reveal a skull-and-crossbones symbol) or as a petrified statue. Touching the statue will result in Death activating; it's important to note that a petrified Death is immune to all attacks, including Bomb Potions.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

As a nasty change-up, Red Death will drain 100 Health before vanishing, whereas Black Death drains experience points, usually enough to cause level loss. Use of the Anti-Death Halo reverses the experience drain too, and it's possible to gain one, if not two, easy levels by draining Black Death's experience.

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

Death appears in Seven Sorrows. As told by the Emperor, Death would try to stop the four heroes from destroying The Six, who provides him plenty of souls for the afterlife. He can be found in some closed chests, especially in one of multiple chests nearby. The only way to repulse Death would be to use the banishing Mana Blast attack.

The only other time he appears is when Grand Magistrate boss was defeated in the Throne Room, where the heroes must push the throne in order to reveal a secret passage, before Death approaches.

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