Dagger Peak, much like the Valley of Fire before, is a path always leading upwards. Unlike the straightforward paths of the Valley, though, Dagger Peak consists of a multitude of winding trails that meander upwards, most of which intersect at some point; judicious path-finding will save on Keys. Reaching the the top of the Peak will bring the heroes to the Cliffs of Desolation.


Gauntlet: Legends

There's both an Obelisk and Runestone waiting here.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

This area will require some rigorous backtracking to ensure that everything is obtained. Heroes will once again encounter a Gargoyle in tight quarters; the Phoenix Familiar found earlier on the Peak will be great help here. Dagger Peak can be tough on a hero's health and key collection.

A Treasure Room here leads to a chamber similar classic Gauntlet treasure rooms. Collecting all the Coins here unlocks the Minotaur.


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