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Cliffs of Desolation

The Cliffs of Desolation are well-named. This crevasse-strewn land has been blasted by volcanic activity and turned into a stronghold of sorts by the Orc Grunts that live in it.

The volcanic activity has made the area unstable; rockfalls and collapsing paths will be a hazard, in addition to the common flame vents. In contrast to Dagger Peak, the mountain has leveled off, and the Cliffs are (mostly) a flat area. Reaching the exit leads to the Lost Cave.


Gauntlet: Legends

There's an Obelisk waiting a short distance from the entrance. There's also a Treasure Room at the end; collecting all of the Coins within unlocks the Minotaur.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

A Golden Fang can be found towards the end of the area, at the far side of the lower bridge upon which the Limited Invisibility is sitting. A Gargoyle with another one is only a little bit beyond, in a lair beyond the slope-rolling boulders.


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