Castle Courtyard
The Castle Courtyard is the ruined remains of a fierce battle between the castle's defenders and the forces of Skorne. Entering from the drawbridge, it's clear that Skorne's forces now occupy the castle, and it's up to the heroes to wipe them all out. Several new traps are found here, and Levitation will be very handy.
  • Stun Tiles make a re-appearance in the shape of force fields.
  • Pools of water are often inhabited by long tentacles just waiting for a hero to get within striking distance.
  • Teleport Tiles are here to move a hero from one location for another; these are common in the Castle Stronghold overall.

There are a lot of monsters to clear here, and this massive melee will take a hero from the burning courtyard up into the battlements. These battlements circle around the entire castle, and heroes will end up passing above areas they've cleared, including the entrance. Reaching the exit will allow access to the Dungeon of Torment.


Gauntlet: Legends

A Runestone can be found inside of a boulder earlier in the area. There's an Obelisk very close to the exit, tucked away into a corner that's guarded by a Golem.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

In addition to the new traps, heroes will encounter a new breed of Gargoyle, who drops Golden Feathers upon being slain. Another Golden Feather can be found by hitting a switch just beyond a chest where a Turbo Boost is found.


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