Athalbrandr is a Warrior, one of the heroes in Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows.

The warrior was born over three hundred years ago on the northern islands of Heima. the warrior is quick to anger and slow to forgive. He believes in trading an eye for an eye, and always gives as good as he receives. He is a grim man, not fond of jokes or sarcasm. He has a short temper with people who are abusive or cruelly witty. He does not believe in mercy for the wicked. Though he hates people obsessed with social custom and status, he finds them more pathetic than despicable. As a boy, it quickly became apparent that the warrior was far from an ordinary person. Learned men told the parents that the child had been born "blessed". In fact, he was so blessed and so powerful that the child was already capable of heroic deeds and he would be truly awe-inspiring when he reached maturity. The scholars' words were true, and the farmer's son was quickly elevated to a retainer of the king, one of three blessed warriors in that ruler's company.

Over the course of many battles. the warrior proved that his capabilities extended far beyond those of the other two blessed immortals. His station within the kingdom was elevated even more. As his importance rose, his intolerance for what he saw as injustice grew even more quickly. Not all of the kings he served were honorable, and though the world seemed to grow smaller every day, the rigid traditions and social mores of Heima did not budge. The oaths of his people became silly formalities to the warrior. He grew tired of what he saw as foolish observances of social custom and the rigid application of the law. The kings of Heima were lucky that their transgressions were relatively slight in the eyes of the warrior. To cool his temper with wisdom, they assigned valkyries from Northis to protect the warrior. All of them died in battle. Only someone of extraordinary capabilities could hope to survive the intense brutality he endured.

When a blessed valkyrie was born - blessed in the same manner as the warrior with immortality - she was groomed to be his companion. The warrior grudgingly accepted this valkyrie, but did his best to ignore all of the counsel she gave. Eventually the warrior moved on to serve the Emperor who united the kingdoms of their world, little knowing that this same man would betray him and his fellow immortals. His hate for the evil 6 Imperial advisers was the greatest of all the immortals. - Gauntlet Seven Sorrows Instruction Manual

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