The Arctic Docks is the first area of the Ice Domain and leads to the Frozen Camp. Striations of the green meteor can be seen through the rock walls, and breaking through them will reveal an inside of green shimmering stone. This entire area takes place over a freezing sea.


Gauntlet: Legends

The Docks are split into two parts. The first part consists of moving over mostly empty ice floes connected only by decaying wooden planks. Reaching the exit here leads to part 2, rather than back to Sumner's Tower, and there are three parts total, so heroes should be prepared for essentially three areas in a row.

The second area is on the outskirts of the Mining Camp, complete with steam vents and mine cart tracks. The camp seems somewhat prepared for battle, due to the spiked barricades in place. A Runestone can be found in the second part of the stage, but only by traveling to the west-most docks and uncovering a switch there, and then finding another switch to the farthest southeast. The Runestone itself lies on the opposite path that leads to the exit; turn right instead of left.

In part three, heroes will penetrate into a mining camp and ship-building docks. Though the exit isn't far, there's a breakable wall under a sign, "Grunch". Destroying this wall and pressing the switch therein will open up a large area leading to a lot of Treasure and another exit. Both exits will lead out of the area.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

In Gauntlet: Dark Legacy the level is similar, but does not contain a Runestone and has only a single exit. This level also contains the Treasure Room, Docks, where the player can unlock the the Ogre.

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