The Archer, as seen in a Gauntlet: Dark Legacy cutscene.


The Green Archer.

The Archer is one of the four character classes in Gauntlet: Legends and one of eight in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Along with the Jester, she is a speedy hero, which makes her strength and armor reasonably low. Her alter-ego is the Tigress. The Archer hails from the Forest Realm.

The Archer shouldn't be confused with the Elf (though she's an elf herself), her male counterpart who shares the same basic abilities. Where the Archer excels at ranged combat, the Elf makes up for it with a degree of melee combat that the Archer lacks.

She's given the name "Kore" in Paths of Evil.


Stat Exp
Strength 250
Armor 200
Magic 300
Speed 600

Level Ranking

Rank Level
Archer 1
Scout 10
Veteran 30
Ranger 50
Captain 70
Master 90
Legend 99

Turbo Attack

The Arch draws two bows and fires a 180 degree salvo

The Archer pulls two wooden cannons over her shoulders and fires a pair of missiles, destroying everything in their path.


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