The Anklebiter is a classification of monster found in Gauntlet: Legends and Dark Legacy. They are small nuisance enemies that are quickly crushed with a quick stomp. Their purpose is more to get in the way and consume resources and health rather than be an actual threat. Anklebiters take a different form depending on the current Realm, such as scorpions, maggots, spiders, and so on. Anklebiters are smaller enemies and will usually die with 1-2 hits of a normal attack.

Like most other monsters, they are created by Generators. However, while most anklebiters do not have different strength levels, regardless of the generator's level, a few rare kinds do. It still doesn't prevent them from quickly becoming goo under some adventurer's feet.


Gauntlet: Legends

Forsaken Province: Maggots

Mountain Kingdom: Scorpions

Castle Stronghold: Large Rats

Sky Dominion: Acid Puddles

Forest Realm: Spiders

Desert Lands: Cobras

Ice Domain: Winter Wolves

Dream Realm: Demon Hands

The Battlefield: Undead Dogs (similar to Ice Domain)

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Dream World: Crawling Claws

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

  • Spider